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About 8th Frame Coaching.

Any person can benefit from coaching when they are willing to engage honestly and purposefully.

My training in coaching is based on neuroscience allied with modern techniques. This considers how much, how fast, and how frequently the client can go through their story and do the work necessary to learn, heal, and grow. 

Coaching can be done virtually or in person depending on the needs of each situation.

Ideally sessions occur every 2 to 3 weeks to allow for practice of new more effective habits between sessions. As in learning to dance, one can take lessons; however if one desires to be a dancer, one must also dance between lessons.

Trauma can be a drain on the body, mind, and spirit of a person. To rise above the impact of trauma, one must cultivate the mental, physical, and spiritual fitness necessary to create the life one desires. 


My process is based on the research findings of modern neuroscience and incorporates the ancient wisdom/practices integrated with modern techniques. We use the intentional focus of attention to train your brain to support highly effective habits that turn states of mind into traits one can apply at will. 


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Craig McNary, 8th Frame Coaching


Craig McNary

Craig has used life’s adversity to cultivate the discipline required to rise above hardship and misfortune. He embraced adversity as a part of his learning journey through life. Instead of being a victim of adversity, he chose to use difficulty as fuel to drive his academic and athletic performance. Cultivating a sense of humor along the way, helped him rise above life’s threats and turn them into challenges. 

Craig is a combat veteran, a teacher, a mentor, and an athletic coach. He has an undergrad degree in Philosophy and a Masters in Educational Administration. He has led an entire school district out of academic probation. These experiences showed him the importance of developing authentic relationships; connecting with the intrinsic motivation of those he leads and works with, as he supports them in rising above their adversity.

Craig knows first-hand the courage, vulnerability, and determination required to rise above personal trauma. Working on his trauma showed him that there is a path to healing that is the foundation for a productive and satisfying life. In addition to his credentials, Craig brings his lived experience into his work. The path forward through which he guides his clients is based in hard science. The critical success factor is the client’s willingness to do the personal work to rise. When you, the student, are ready Craig the coach is here for you.

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Craig McNary, 8th Frame Coaching
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