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Office Worker

Unlock your potential, face your challenges with expert support & live your best life.

Coaching is a chance at a partnership that focuses on your needs and goals. This partnership will yield as much as you are willing to invest in yourself. Coaching aims to assess, learn, and grow continually.

Team Building

Not every team is bonded in a way that is cohesive and functional. I have training and experience focused on forming and leading teams. From teaching to Operation Iraqi Freedom, and back to becoming a certified scrum master I have cultivated a team-building mindset. Let's talk about forming, storming, norming, and performing then get your team moving forward.

  • Collaborative environment

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Adapting form to follow function

Environmental Culture

Is there an unspoken problem that affects performance? Let's talk about it in a group setting and work on a plan to learn, heal, and grow. An independent facilitator will create a more hospitable environment to welcome change. Allow me to collaborate with your team and guide them to a more thoughtful and efficient environment. 

  • Professional analysis 

  • Science-based Strategies for growth 

  • Fresh perspective free of environmental bias

Group Facilitation

Sometimes you need a new face with a fresh perspective to get your team motivated, cohesive, and refreshed. A simple mental reframing in a group facilitation can renew focus on the desired objective. I am happy to guide your team through reframe, renewal, and realignment.

  • Assess impediments to efficacy

  • Build goal-specific strategies 

  • Create successful backward planning

A Young man wearing headphones

Highlight the values of your program here.

Emotional Intelligence-increased comprehension of your emotions and how they influence

Clarity-peel away the fog for a clearer picture of what is really happening

Increased Efficacy- free your mind from tedious thought patterns and allow yourself more access to your functional brain power

Mental Fortitude- increased ability to face life’s rigor through focus on the present and accepting the world around you.

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